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Why it is better to use Globals plugin than native globals in C2?

As the article states. This plugin is just an empty plugin. It does absolutely nothing so it doesn’t affect the project in any way. It’s all about the approach. You can use nearly any other plugin and achieve the same result...

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Construct 2 plugin – TR_Debugger

TR_Debugger is a tool for developers who think seriously about game development. Especially useful for big projects.

It has a lot of features that allows you to implement watchers for each section of the project and assertions which immediately alert you about the unexpected behavior in your app workflow.

For more details visit TR_Debug...

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MoModth Local Notifications sneak peek [video]


Here is the first MoModth functionality sneak peek – Local Notifications

TR_localNotifications module comes with MoModth package by default. As any other MoModth module TR_localNotifications can be enabled/disabeled while in the project or can be easily removed or added to the project whether you need it or not...

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MoModth will be compatibile with desktop, Xbox, browser and AirConsole apps!


The Goal

In my last post (MoModth – Construct 2 event framework (announcement)) which was an announcement of MoModth, I described MoModth as Construct 2 event driven framework for mobile development...

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MoModth – Construct 2 event framework (announcement)


What is MoModth?

You could say that MoModth is a C2 mobile app template, but it’s much more than that.

It’s a module based, fully flexible template which drastically speeds up mobile app development process...

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