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About me

I am a web and software developer with many years of international experience. I started my IT adventure over 15 years ago with Pascal. Throughout the years I worked for Holland, Malta, Poland, Canada, UK and BVI companies and customers. This adventure allowed me to learn from many great developers across the world. Currently I came back to my homeland and help people around the world remotely with their IT projects. I can help you too.




What can I help with?

I can help you fix your project issues or make the entire project for you from scratch. I always give my full support to the products I provide and give good development practices lessons if you want.

So let’s see what can I do for you:

  • Mobile games/apps
  • Desktop games/apps
  • AirConsole games/apps
  • Browser games/apps
  • Server side scripts
  • Particular functionality integrations
  • Investigating and fixing project issues
  • Refactoring code to improve performance
  • Online lessons (good practices, Construct 2, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, HTML, AirConsole, …)
  • … and more – just ask (tobyr@wtfgamesgroup.com), questions are always free!


So you don’t even have any graphics for your project?

That’s not a problem. I work with several great artists and each has a different unique art style. I’m sure we will pick one who fits your project just perfectly.


How much does it cost?

It obviously depends on the task. If there is an entire project to do from scratch then I need as much details as possible to estimate the time and costs. Full projects may cost from $25 for small mobile app up to hundreds for some more fancy ones.

If you just want me to fix something for you in your project then it might even be for free if I deal with it very fast. I usually work with indie developers and I am aware that being an indie isn’t a wealthy life so I’m sure we will agree on something.

Just drop me an email (tobyr@wtfgamesgroup.com) with your task. Asking doesn’t cost anything and I don’t bite :). In the worst case we won’t get a deal, you have nothing to lose anyway :).


You can check some of my recent works here: http://wtfgamesgroup.com/our-games/