MoModth will be compatibile with desktop, Xbox, browser and AirConsole apps!



The Goal

In my last post (MoModth – Construct 2 event framework (announcement)) which was an announcement of MoModth, I described MoModth as Construct 2 event driven framework for mobile development. That was the initial intention to create a tool which will allow to build one-layout casual mobile games much faster, effortless and universal when it comes to wrappers. So basically a tool which will allow you to build simple apps (with ads, IAP and more) even one per day easily.


The dream goal

And I’ve managed to do this. But still I wanted MoModth to be something more. Something absolutely universal. A tool for everyone, not only for mobile developers. A tool which would be a base for every possible app with C2. A tool which finally would be a relieve for those who struggle with setting up particular features like IAP, ADs, notifications, PHP connection, leaderboards and all the useful features and for those who are bored and tired of implementing those features AGAIN because they made already 50 games with those features. I wanted MoModth to be a tool thanks to which you could switch your app from Intel XDK to CocoonIO and opposite if it turns out that one of them is bugged again, without an effort. A tool which could be used for Steam games and its features. A tool which simply makes C2 devs life much easier, less frustrating. And the most important part, a tool which would be so flexible that everybody could contribute by adding their own modules.


The Result

To make all that possible MoModth has to be very simple and very complex at once. Simple to use and complex with possibilities. My most recent concern was to make it useful for desktop, browser, Xbox, AirConsole and any other apps as well as for mobile apps. I spent days an nights thinking how to do it in the best way possible…. and I’ve made it. I’m proud to announce that MoModth won’t be dedicated for mobiles, but a fully universal tool for building games (and apps) with Construct 2 for any platform!


New modular convention implemented

MoModth uses now new modular convention which allows you to customize MoModth’s mod-list for each layout separately and for layout groups as well. It means that you have a full controll over which functionality is loaded for particular layout or layout groups (game stages for instance). I intentionally use a word “loaded” instead of “active”, because inactive modules (the ones which are not in use in current layout) aren’t loaded at all. It has a big impact on app performance and also on app structure encapsulation and semantics.


Wrap up

So to wrap-up. MoModth is extremely useful when you wan’t to build one-layout casual game, but it’s also very useful if you plan to do a big multi-layout desktop game. Because of extensibility with modules and because it has conventions which keep your code well structured.

I really wanted to release it this weekend, but have some more testing to do now. So no primise on the release date yet. But should be available very soon!



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