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Why it is better to use Globals plugin than native globals in C2?

As the article states. This plugin is just an empty plugin. It does absolutely nothing so it doesn’t affect the project in any way. It’s all about the approach. You can use nearly any other plugin and achieve the same result...

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What is the best resolution for mobile game?

universal screen

I see this question very often on Construct 2 forum and Facebook group. The answer is not that trivial because it’s not about the resolution, but about the ratio and making the app universal for all mobile devices. I’ll show you how to prepare your project to look well on all possible devices.

NOTE: This tutorial is a part of my e-book ...

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How to secure Construct 2 AJAX connections?


It’s very easy to hack AJAX requests

Construct 2 allows to communicate with server side scripts by using AJAX. It’s very easy to use and it’s the most popular way to store and fetch game data over which we want to have control. The problem is that AJAX request is nothing else than a simple URL trigger...

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How to fix the build error with Intel XDK and Appodeal?


Current official instructions

Appodeal’s documentation says that in order to have Appodeal working with Construct 2 you need to:

  1. Install Appodeals C2 plugin:
  2. Add Google Play Sercives plugin to Intel XDK: https://github...
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How to build optimized Intel XDK Crosswalk app properly?


Many people complain about the Intel XDK Crosswalk performance. The real problem is that most of them simply don’t know how to make an app with Intel XDK properly. Crosswalk is based on Chromium and with Intel XDK build system we can (and should) set the proper options for compilation.

Construct 2 Cordova export

If your Intel XDK project ...

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